Rooftop Revelations: Politics cannot uplift a community. But faith can

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CHICAGO – One thing that has been abysmally clear for decades is that government policies – from local to federal – have failed impoverished, gang-infested areas such as the South Side of Chicago

When Lori Lightfoot ran for mayor as a Democratic candidate, she criticized her fellow Democrat and the sitting mayor, Rahm Emanuel, for “lacking a real, comprehensive plan to make a sustainable reduction in violence.” More than two years of Lightfoot’s anti-violence talk resulted in a horrific 836 homicides in 2021, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office — the highest homicide toll in 25 years. 

This cycle, spinning for over 60 years now, will spin itself once again in the next mayoral election as new candidates attack the sitting mayor’s failure and propose their own solutions that will likely fail too. 

Pastor Corey Brooks saw the writing on the wall when it came to Democrat politicians. In 2014, he announced his vote for the Republican candidate for governor. The backlash was swift: He lost more than half of his congregation and moved his family to another location to escape death threats. Yet he never backed down.


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