Rooftop Revelations: 'I lost over 50 people,' they'll be 'proud of me one day,' Chicago youth says

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CHICAGO – Since its beginning, America has been known as the land of opportunity. There are always opportunities to be found, even in America’s impoverished and deprived neighborhoods. One may have to search harder and longer, but they exist nevertheless. Within these neighborhoods, there are folks who have given up on opportunities. If their faithlessness becomes the dominant narrative, it defines the neighborhood culture. It must also be noted that this faithlessness was made possible because post-’60s liberalism ushered in an era of cradle-to-coffin dependency upon the government. What happens then when a child is born into such a culture? How will that child come to know that America is the land of opportunity, much less believe in it?

Pastor Corey Brooks has fought this battle against faithlessness ever since he set up his church on the South Side of Chicago over 20 years ago. The block where he ministers was named O-Block by the gangs in recent years in honor of Odee Perry, a young gangster who was shot and killed. The message of violence, gangs and premature death was not one that the pastor wanted to keep alive. So he began

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