Rooftop Revelations: Chicago's South Side is a failed experiment in the pursuit for equality of outcome

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CHICAGO – From the South Side of Chicago, Pastor Corey Brooks has watched Americans wage a culture war this past year over whether equality of outcome or equality of opportunity is the way forward. He has seen this debate within his own community and in places as far away as Louden County, Virginia, and Coronado, California. He woke up on the 41st day of his 100-day rooftop vigil to build a community center with thoughts that he wished to share with his readers.

What follows has been lightly edited. We strongly encourage you to watch the accompanying video so you may hear the pastor in his own words. 

I want to talk about the equality of opportunity today. The argument for equality of outcome is all the rage. Institutions across America are lowering the standards so that we can all be equal in the end. 

But you know what? That really means that we’re all equal…on the bottom. 

That’s not what we’re fighting for on the South Side, or in any other impoverished neighborhood across America, whether they be brown, black, Asian or whatever. If equity is what we’re fighting for then we may as well just

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