Rooftop Revelations: A man survives carjacking yet keeps faith

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CHICAGO – There are women and men who work tirelessly on the streets of the South Side of Chicago to keep youths away from violence. They mentor with empathy and tough love for they often grew up the same way, surrounded by poverty and violence. Despite their goodwill, they sometimes find themselves staring into the barrel of a gun held by a wayward youth. How do these women and men find the strength to keep faith in their volunteerism, if they haven’t already become disillusioned?

Leonard Williams, a comedian well known in Chicago and beyond, was the recent victim of a carjacking. Pastor Corey Brooks asked him to tell his story on the 51st day of Brooks’ 100-day rooftop vigil to raise funds for his community center designed to transform lives. 

“Like a lot of people who have tragic things happen to them, the day started off good,” said Williams, who was attending a private screening for a movie premiere. 

“As I’m leaving there, I realize my gas hand is low. Mind you, it’s late, one, two o’clock in the morning. I’m doing everything I know not to do,” Williams said. “You get gas early.

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