Romcom roller coaster ride: From cute to chemo

Brent Northup

Spoiler Alert

“Spoiler Alert” starts out as a GayRomCom, before shifting in mid-film to a GayCancerDram – from light and fluffy, to dark and intense. From cute to chemo.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, I did neither.

The schizophrenic script includes Dan Savage as co-writer. Savage is a gay writer from Seattle who developed an international audience for his “Savage Love” advice column, which is blunt, satiric and sensitive.

He’s a very readable writer, but by abruptly shifting tone Savage’s script never gains traction.

But, thanks in part to Savage, the portrayal of gay love is more honest than in many/most gay-themed movies – less oblique, more direct. Gutsy at times.

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Gay subplots that were once coded are played Savagely straight, pun intended.

So the very release of a film like “Spoiler Alert” is noteworthy, if disappointing.

The tragic finale is, by far, the most compelling segment. The initial awkward love story is a formula romcom trope.

My advice? Darken the first half by taking out the silly meet-cute and awkward-first-sex stuff and let

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