Rogan Discusses Whether He’d Have Tucker Carlson On His Show

Podcaster Joe Rogan and author Cameron Hanes discussed during a June interview whether Rogan would be open to having Daily Caller co-founder and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a guest on his hit podcast.

Hanes and Rogan brought up Carlson in the context of him being silenced by Fox News in a sudden, shocking decision to take him off air, right at the peak of his television commentary career. “I don’t like when the government, or whoever these corrupt TV channels, try to cancel somebody, I’m like, ‘I wanna hear from them now,’” Hanes told Rogan in a clip shared on YouTube.

Both men went on to note that they, and everyone else, now wants to hear precisely what Carlson has to say about the world. “I think it was a business move,” Rogan said, guessing that one of Fox News’ sponsors demanded that Carlson be taken off air.

Rogan also argued that Carlson has taken multiple strong stances against the government, and particularly intelligence agencies. “Fucking guy out-and-out said CIA killed [former president John F.] Kennedy on Fox News,” Rogan continued.

“See, I trust that guy,” Hanes responded.

Hanes couldn’t give an exact reason why, but he and

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