Rod Blagojevich has thoughts about the Trump trials

Donald Trump inflicted chaos on a New York courtroom on Monday when he testified in a civil trial about his company’s business practices. He frustrated the judge and prosecutors and appeared to make damning admissions on the stand.

And Rod Blagojevich thinks that’s the perfect play for Trump.

The former Illinois governor, who served eight years in prison on federal corruption charges before Trump commuted his sentence, cheered the former president from afar and told POLITICO in an interview that Trump’s combativeness was beyond appropriate.

“President Trump has every reason to be testy with that judge,” Blagojevich said on Tuesday. “Here’s another example of how brave he is, willing to stand up and do what he’s doing in front of the judge, who’s going to actually make a ruling and decision on his case.”

He also lauded Trump for “the kind of chutzpah he shows … right there in the lion’s den.”

In Trump, Blagojevich recognizes a kindred spirit. He told POLITICO that Trump is a victim of overzealous

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