Robotic healthcare on the rise at St. V, sees 2000th robotic surgery


It was nearly by complete luck Louise’s lung cancer had been caught so early.

She had a persistent bug that she couldn’t shake in March, so she visited St. Vincent Healthcare. She was negative for COVID-19, and after a week of troubles, she had a chest x-ray.

Doctors found something, but they weren’t sure what it was. Louise was sent through a series of scans and check-ups until late April.

Finally, to confirm what providers suspected, Louise underwent a robotic bronchoscopy.

Dr. Abdullah Abboud, a pulmonologist or doctor specializing in the respiratory system, used a robot called an Ion Platform to examine her lungs. He guided the robot through the small, intricate airways, peering through a camera to find the problem spot. She was playing with her grandson later that afternoon.

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On May 1, Louise’s lung cancer was confirmed. On May 22, the cancer was removed via robotic surgery, completed with only six incisions, the largest of which was only two inches long.

Two days later, she was checked out of the hospital. In late June, she feels mostly back on her feet.

“I’m amazed how fast it’s been,” Louise

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