Robert Kraft Says ‘There Is Hope’ Rob Gronkowski Plays For The Patriots Again

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft thinks there’s a chance Rob Gronkowski returns to the team.

Gronk retired at the end of last season after winning his third Super Bowl, but there has been endless speculation he could return. That speculation will now go through the roof thanks to Kraft.

“We all love Gronk, and I think the bottom line is he hasn’t put his retirement papers in. So we can always pray and hope. There is hope for us still with Gronk,” Kraft said Thursday night during an appearance on the NFL Network, according to ProFootballTalk.

I know Patriots fans are going to get super excited about this, but let’s slow the roll a little. Gronk just landed a TV deal with Fox.

On top of that, he’s been very open about his health issues. The former superstar tight end also has millions of dollars in the bank. (RELATED: Rob Gronkowski Will Appear On FOX NFL Sunday)

Why would he get back on the field if he’s been open about his serious health issues, he’s already rich and now he’s making TV money from Fox for NFL games?

There’s no doubt the Patriots would love to

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