Robert Greenway: On the Abraham Accords' first anniversary there's real impact and even greater potential

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For generations, we imagined what achieving peace in the Middle East could bring to the region and its people. Today, with vast natural resources, aspirational societies, and a growing population with approximately 65 percent under the age of 30, Middle Easterners are postured to move forward and seize new opportunities to build on the region’s limitless potential—and a transformative agreement. 

As we mark the first anniversary of the Accords signing it’s important that we assess its impact and potential. The Abraham Accords provide a pathway to the end of decades of conflict and a future of peace, tolerance, and opportunity in the Middle East and around the world. 

To sustain and accelerate the transformation, we have established the Abraham Accords Peace Institute as an international, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the implementation and expansion of the historic peace agreement

The Institute will increase the probability that these relationships will flourish, conflict will subside, and new opportunities and relationships will be created. It will pursue four interdependent pillars. It will work to grow trade between the participating countries, increase tourism between the countries, foster people-to-people development to build stronger bonds between the countries, and promote

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