RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Biden’s economy is failing Americans and September jobs report proves it

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its September jobs report, and the results clearly indicate that Joe Biden’s agenda isn’t working. 

September saw just 194,000 jobs added nationwide. That number represents less than half of the 500,000 jobs that economists predicted — a devastating miss which reveals a rotten truth about Biden’s failed economic policies. 

This is the second straight month in which jobs numbers have underperformed economists’ projections, and the future doesn’t look bright. Joe Biden has squandered the economic recovery he inherited from President Trump and Republicans, and it’s his failure alone.

A deeper look into the numbers only confirms that we are in dire economic straits. There are 6 million Americans who want a job but are not in the labor force. 5 million, or 22 percent, of the jobs lost since the pandemic began have still not been recovered. And it’s a long-term, running problem: 2.7 million American workers have been unemployed for more than half a year. 26,000 women lost their jobs in September alone. This isn’t a one-off, surface-level economic failure. This is a widespread and comprehensive disaster, and it means that Americans are being left behind by Biden’s failed policies.



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