RNC chair challenger looks to Never Trumpers for a boost

In a last-ditch effort to upend the Republican National Committee chair race, challenger Harmeet Dhillon has begun a full court press of various factions of a party in search of skeptics of current chair Ronna McDaniel.

Her efforts have included reaching out to some of the biggest names in Republican politics.

But her team has also made a concerted effort in recent days to court a small number of anti-Trump RNC members, according to two people familiar with the strategy. They’ve sought to make the case that McDaniel’s connections to the former president, who hand-picked her as chair after his 2016 victory, will prevent her from being completely neutral in an upcoming presidential primary, a criticism McDaniel has publicly rejected.

The scramble reflects the remarkable crossroads at which the party now finds itself: with one of the two major candidates to lead it comfortable inviting avowed Trump critics into her ranks.

It also underscores the mad dash that is taking

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