Riverfront Triangle: Mysterious plans ‘inching forward’

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Developers are apparently eyeing the long-dormant but prized downtown piece of Missoula real estate known as the Riverfront Triangle.

Also known as the Fox Site, the area consists of a forlorn parking lot and some run-down and vacant parking garages, vacant medical buildings and an empty former thrift store. It’s located on the north bank of the Clark Fork River just to the west of the Orange Street Bridge.

The Riverfront Triangle at the corner of Orange and West Front streets in Missoula has sat nearly empty for 30 years.

TOM BAUER, Missoulian

On Thursday, Missoula Redevelopment Agency director Ellen Buchanan gave a tantalizing but extremely vague and opaque update on the site to the MRA board of commissioners.

She hinted that developers are working with her and other city staff to see if some sort of project is feasible at the site.

“We’re inching forward,” she said. “They’ve actually taken some of the steps through design review with the city staff and looking at design excellence and those requirements, there’s still a long way

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