‘Rip-Wrapped: Breaking New Ground’ opens at The Myrna Loy

Marga Lincoln For the Independent Record

When you walked into Robert Harrison’s studio last Friday, you couldn’t help but notice a large, dominant arch woven from willow branches and autumn colors.

A cluster of intriguing, brightly colored shapes – perhaps boats, houses, teepees, cocoons, pods, nests – nestled on nearby tables.

All were awaiting transport to The Myrna Loy’s Jailhouse Gallery for installation this week as part of a new exhibit: “Rip-Wrapped: Breaking New Ground,” which opens Friday, Jan. 6, and runs through March 15. An artist talk and slideshow are 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 9, followed by a reception.

The pieces, created by Helena ceramic artists Harrison and Danielle O’Malley, are a collaboration that explores how to create art in a sustainable way using locally available natural materials.

The title of their show is a riff on riprap – the stones used to protect streambanks from erosion.

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The large arch woven from willows is a central focus of the installation.

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The large arch woven from

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