RICHARDS: The New Leftist Scheme To Destroy American Policing

America’s crime pandemic saw a 30% homicide surge in 2020, the biggest in history. Almost 10,000 homicide victims were black — 53% of all victims despite constituting only 13% of the U.S.  population. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Marxists’ program of defunding, demonizing and dismantling the police has emboldened criminals and caused police to pull back.

Joe Biden’s gun violence prevention plan received attention for targeting “rogue” gun dealers instead of the thugs who actually do the shooting. This is nonsense. Of course, anyone engaging in illegal gun sales must be held accountable, but our real problem isn’t guns — it is crime and criminals.

Criminals will always find ways to get their hands on guns — through theft or the black market. The question is how to deter them from using guns to commit crime. Lacking internalized moral values and self-control, criminals are only deterred by knowing that if arrested, consequences will be certain, swift and appropriately severe. Biden’s plan denies this reality.

Less noticed was Biden’s proclamation that “gun violence is a public health crisis,” including his proposal for millions in funding for so-called Community Violence Intervention (CVI). The public health crisis theme was echoed by the Centers for Disease Control.

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