Richard C. Hulbert column: Rebirthing in a non-spiritual world

The human spirit is the essence of who we are, our soul, and without it we are animals driven solely by instinct. The human spirit can be the source of evil in the world, as well as the source of all that is good in human history.

The transformation of the human spirit is fundamental to religious aspiration and the centerpiece of the Christian faith. Christians claim that in Christ we are transformed into the image of God. Paul spoke of this in his letter to the Christian community in Rome in advance of his first and only visit to Rome. He advised this congregation to avoid being transformed to the patterns of the world and to be transformed by the renewal of your mind. He added that we will be changed from inside out.

The transformation process is defined differently among faith traditions. In my United Methodist tradition, transformation is expressed as a life-long spiritual journey during which we learn to see the world as God sees it, to love like Jesus loved, and to embrace all people as children of God. Others define it in terms of an ecstatic experience. John Wesley experienced spiritual transformation as a warmed heart in

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