Rev. Margaret Gillikin column: Look for opportunities to be a blessing

With the turning of the year and the cultural practice of making resolutions, many of us have made commitments focusing on self-improvement this week. We may or may not act upon them for long, but good intentions are on our minds.

We so often think in terms of self-discipline, abstinence from indulgence, will-power and hard work as the pathways for betterment. What if we could do good for ourselves and others in a different manner?

Fredrick Buechner is often quoted as saying that “your vocation in life lies where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.” What might be possible if we spent more time immersed in activities that bring us JOY? Could we love ourselves and others into becoming more fully our best selves?

I believe we could!

Furthermore, I believe that we could combine our joyful actions to great effect. What if people from all religious traditions and spiritual perspectives added another health category to those we already track and strive to improve? In addition to attending to our physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health, etc. what if we also kept track of our community’s health and coordinated efforts to improve it?

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