Respiratory viruses, like RSV and flu, are a major problem this year and here’s what we need to do about it

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With a surge of RSV and flu and the steady state of COVID-19, respiratory viruses all, affecting our young children, there is a tendency to look for a quick explanation. Is something wrong with our immune systems because we were sequestered from viruses for over two years now? The answer is no. Our immune systems are just fine now, that is if they were fine before the pandemic. 

So, what is happening? Why are we seeing RSV to this degree out of season, with seven times the hospitalization rate in children under six months as in 2018? Why is this the worst early flu season we have seen since 2010, with 13 out of 100,000 kids under age 5 being hospitalized? And there is still a significant number of COVID-19 cases, and the virus is also affecting our very young. 

The answer is likely related to lack of viral exposure, that mitigating strategies including shutdowns and school closures and masking decreased exposure to viruses that are less contagious than COVID-19, including flu and RSV. Also, as the masks came off and people got together more, they spread the same common viruses they used to

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