Resistance’s Advances on World Stage, at Home Terrifies Tehran Regime

Every summer, the organized Iranian resistance movement has held its annual gathering to showcase a better future for Iran and to tell Western governments to end their appeasement of Tehran, and to side with the Iranian people for a free, secular, pluralistic, democratic, and non-nuclear Iran, living in harmony and cooperation with its neighbors and the free world. 

The huge in-person rally, Free Iran World Summit 2022, was scheduled to convene in Ashraf 3 in Albania, home to principal opposition the MEK, on July 23 and 24. As hundreds of world dignitaries supporting the Iranian Resistance against religious dictatorship were arriving in Albania, US and Albanian authorities warned of a credible terrorist threat to the event venue targeting the MEK leadership. 

The week before, Albania’s Special Anti-Corruption Task Force (Albanian SAPO) busted a network of Iranian regime agents and infiltrators, actively surveilling and preparing for terrorist attacks on the Iranian Resistance. Members of the terrorist ring have been detained, their digital devices confiscated and searched, and all were put under official investigation for their actions. 

Around the same time, the Iranian Foreign Ministry published on July 16, a list of 61 current and former American officials who it said have provided “deliberate

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