Republicans Unveil True Conservation Alternative to Biden 30×30 Plan

The Biden administration talks a great game about conservation, but is intentionally misleading Americans about their agenda. 

Take the 30X30 push. 

Stemming from a January 27th Executive Order 14008 entitled “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad,” Biden’s Interior Department has pledged to “protect” 30 percent of lands and water by 2030 through their “America the Beautiful” plan. 

While nice-sounding on the surface, many questions remain. Why is true conservation not clearly defined? What’s the federal government’s role here? And do we already conserve 30 percent of waters and lands in the U.S.? 

That’s what the jointly-released “Western Conservation Priorities” plan from the Senate and Congressional Western Caucuses aims to clarify. 

America Already Conserves 30% of Lands and Waters

After being unveiled in May, “America the Beautiful” pledged to foster a “collaborative and inclusive approach to conservation” at the local level. It also promised to safeguard and protect private property rights. 

But what about their 30X30 goal by 2030? 

The Biden administration claims only 12 percent of federal public lands and waters are currently protected. Is this heavily-cited figure accurate? Quite the contrary. 

As I noted at Independent Women’s Forum’s blog last week, the U.S. currently protects over 40 percent of waters and lands for “long-term

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