Republicans rally around Walker’s imperiled candidacy

After news broke that Senate candidate Herschel Walker had allegedly paid for a girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, Republicans rallied around his imperiled candidacy.

Walker, the GOP nominee from Georgia, was already dogged by reports of past domestic violence — some of which he has acknowledged. Now he has put their top Senate pickup opportunity in peril with reports of behavior that directly violated his hard-line stance on abortion.

Republicans had another Todd Akin on their hands, some Republican strategists said to each other in text messages, referring to the Missouri Republican whose comments about “legitimate rape” in the 2012 general election cost the party a seat it was supposed to clinch. Others likened Walker to Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican who lost the deep-red state to a Democrat in 2017 after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

But the GOP has little choice but to double down in support of Walker — a flawed candidate party operatives said still remains one of their last hopes of flipping

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