Republicans debate farm issues in Miles City

Three Republican candidates for Montana’s eastern U.S. House district met Thursday night in Miles City for a farm issues forum that focused mostly on one candidate who didn’t attend, U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale.

Opponents Kyle Austin, of Billings, James Boyette, of Bozeman, and Charles Walking Child, of Helena, made it clear that Rosendale, Montana’s current at large representative, was what prompted each of them to run. The Montana Farmer’s Union sponsored the forum. It was announced at the beginning of the event that Rosendale was invited to attend but declined.

“When he’s at the legislature. When he says no to supporting aid to Ukraine. It means he doesn’t care when he says that we’re not going to support our veterans. It means he doesn’t care. Rosendale just says no,” Austin said. “The 2023 Farm Bill is just around the corner. Montana needs a representative there that is going to build that farm bill stronger and better for the next five years to support our agriculture community through drought, whether it’s hay or whether it’s production, through the pricing whether it’s through our trade wars, getting our prices up there so our farmers and ranchers are not undercut. That is what we need.

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