Republicans are winning the Latino vote because the future is on the ballot

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We’ve just finished one of the most contentious midterm elections in memory. As president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, I can tell you this: while all politics is local, all elections are about our tomorrows. They shape the type of future you want for yourself and your family. Any political party that respects those values and speaks to those aspirations will win. From crime to the cost of living, the future is on the ballot.  

This is especially true for Americans of Latin descent, whose votes now play a decisive role in our politics. Vision matters. Policies mean more than personality. And results speak louder than words. Last week’s results in Florida were strong, but they were not a surprise. Last year, I was blessed to be re-elected with nearly 80% of the vote as were many other Republicans by large margins. For Latinos in Florida, these results were not tied to any candidate or personality. They were a referendum on the future, a ratification of policy choices made since 2017. They were about results.  

The Latino shift over to Republicans is not a function of one messianic leader or political phenom: it

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