Republican Populism Finds Model in Curtis Sliwa Running for NYC Mayor

Curtis Sliwa is New York City’s only hope for a real people’s mayor, but his campaign is also setting the standard for authentic populism nationwide. Every 2022 and 2024 Republican hopeful should follow his lead on the trail to taking back America. 

Don’t sleep on NYC’s mayoral election, especially the June 22 primary. The two-man race on the Republican side features Sliwa, and that’s the only name that matters. 

Several important lessons can be drawn from Sliwa’s campaign, even before a single vote is cast, because he’s polling well among a key demographic that overwhelmingly supported 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump.

If Republican candidates in 2022 and 2024 think they can just ride a populist wave to victory on bumper sticker slogans like “Make America Great Again” or “America First,” they’re wrong. Hollow populism will backfire like it did in Georgia’s Senate elections earlier this year.

But even having the correct positions isn’t always enough. The candidate himself matters just as much. He must not only be an outsider, but it’s essential for his communication style to break through the gatekeepers in the press and social media.

Enter Sliwa.

Sliwa is best known for founding the Guardian Angels in 1979, which grew out of

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