Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene: America First Rallies Show Real Power Isn't in DC

“Partners in Slime. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are roaming the countryside looking for brains to consume.” (Yikes!)

We lead a “Zombie Republican Party.” These are the castigations of CNN’s Jim Acosta. He names two of us, but targets all Americans who support our agenda.

We’re used to CNN’s lies and phony outrage. We signed up for this job. We do it differently than most. We prefer selfies with supporters; not backroom deals with special interests. People over politics, come what may.

We remember CNN going into overdrive to legitimize an unprecedented, undemocratic cancellation of Marjorie from congressional committees populated by representatives, but really run by lobbyists.

She torched CNN in an open press conference and confronted them with the nightly, unpatriotic lies they told during the Russia Hoax. We’re still waiting for their response.

Meanwhile, Marjorie has become a powerful, unchained force on the Floor of the House, reviewing every bill with particularity. She’s Pelosi’s worst nightmare.

It’s rare to obtain a video confession of a media deep fake. Thanks to the real journalists at Project Veritas, we got one. A CNN Director apparently confessed that CNN was using “propaganda” to “hurt” Matt because he is effective at blocking Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda.


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