REPORT: Workers Sue Bohemian Grove, Where Global Elites Do Weird Stuff

Three workers from the notorious Bohemian Grove have filed a class action lawsuit against the retreat for alleged labor violations, according to a report published Sunday.

Bohemian Grove is a secretive retreat somewhere in the depths of the Monte Rio woodland in California and run by a large group of globalist (though mostly American) elites, according to UPI. Rumors and stories of debauchery and corruption are almost synonymous with Bohemian Grove, so that’s why this story is a little bit strange.

Details of the alleged lawsuit are available on Justia, which suggests this whole thing is legitimate. The three workers, Anthony Gregg, Shawn Granger and Wallid Saad, allegedly worked as valets at the club, mostly at the Monastery Camp. In the suit, the three men claim workers are expected to work 15 hours per day, seven days a week, according to UPI.

It’s always frustrating when someone else foils your plans to conquer the world

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They’re alleging this violates the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as state-level laws in California.

“Bohemian Club is aware that camps are not legal entities, but their camps are employing valets to

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