REPORT: Eminem Earned Roughly $15 Million From Spotify In 2021

Eminem raked in a ton of cash from Spotify last year.

According to SouthPawers, the star rapper’s 3.6 billion streams in 2021 translated to roughly $15 million. The number could be as low as $11.4 million or as high as $18.8 million. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

$15.1 million is the average estimate on what the legendary musician likely pulled down from the streaming platform.

Whether you like Eminem or not, there’s no doubt at all that he’s an absolute powerhouse in the music game. He’s the definition of a mogul.

Sure, his music over the past few years hasn’t been his best work, but when Eminem was at his prime, he was pumping out hit after hit.

Did those songs withstand the test of time? Well, the fact he had 3.6 billion Spotify streams in 2021 and made somewhere in the ballpark of $15 million tells you all you need to know!

Even out of his prime, he’s still more powerful than just about anyone else in music, and that’s the sign of someone who changed the game forever.

Props to Eminem

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