Rep. Nancy Mace: Graffiti Shows 'Where We Are as a Country'

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., told Newsmax on Friday that her house was recently defaced with graffiti, which she suspects was committed by supporters of the anti-fascist group antifa, and that this event shows ”where we are as a country.”

Mace told ”American Agenda” that ”If this were a Democrat there would be wall-to-wall coverage, but because I’m a Republican woman who’s conservative, folks just want to turn a blind eye.”

She added that her children ”were not home at the time. I had one kid [who] was at a sleepover. The other one had a night with their father. And so for me, it’s very jarring. I was lucky: The local police department has someone that removes graffiti locally and they came in on their day off and got it removed before my kids could see it and before other kids in the neighborhood were going to school on Tuesday. So, I’m really grateful [to] local law enforcement. This has been a jarring experience.” 

Mace said this is ”the second time that I’ve been targeted with vandalism. The first time was in October, on the day of one of my debates in a very highly contested, heated congressional campaign. My car was keyed with expletives on the day of one of my debates, and then, seven months later, to have this happen … at my home, on my front doorsteps. It’s kind of

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