Rep. Drew Ferguson: Biden's America last policies – Taliban, China, Russia are all 'building back better'

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President Joe Biden’s promise to “Build Back Better” has proven to be an unmitigated disaster for America and a stimulus for crisis creation. 

The litany of crises facing Americans is the direct result of the policies enacted by the Biden administration and congressional Democrats. These policies have in fact allowed our adversaries, not hardworking Americans, to “Build Back Better.”

The consequences of the Biden administration’s failure in Afghanistan include Americans left behind enemy lines, leaving over $80 billion worth of military equipment to the Taliban, and leaving an operational air base open as an easy target for terrorists to weaponize. 


Without question, the Taliban is building back better, not America.

The reckless immigration policies that have come from the Biden administration have created an absolute nightmare on the southern border. The humanitarian, public health and security crises have left America vulnerable.

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However, the savage drug cartels have built back better.

The excessive and reckless spending of the Biden administration has created an inflation crisis. Americans are feeling the impact of quickly rising prices and have seen just how it hurts our economy. 

As the American worker and small business hurt, China is building back better.

President Biden killed the Keystone

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