Rep. Burgess Owens: California Newsom recall, Larry Elder and the liberal media's return to Jim Crow

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Americans are witnessing a self-destructive meltdown by the liberal media never seen before as Black and Hispanic Americans have begun to join the ranks of the Conservative Movement in record numbers. Liberal media now seeks more creative ways to attack conservative Black Americans as the old, tired terms like “Uncle Tom” and “sellout” are no longer effective. Liberal media’s propensity to target, bully, and intimidate this growing group of non-monolithic thinkers has given way to new, dirtier tactics. 

The strategy of the Los Angeles Times and others is a bit bewildering, however. In its recent attack on Black American and California gubernatorial candidate, Larry Elder, it first accused Elder of being “the face of White Supremacy,” then came the narrative that he is a “White minstrel dressed in blackface,” and finally, because he’s a Black conservative, Elder is supposedly incapable of thinking for himself. Larry Elder is not only capable of independent thinking but, as an author, documentarian, and radio host, he is one of the most respected “thought leaders” in our country—regardless of race. This is simply unacceptable to the progressive Left and its media cohorts. 

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