Rep. Andy Biggs: America needs Congress to stop judges from obstructing immigration laws

The politically active judicial branch is out of control. Left-wing judges are no longer content to apply law to the case before them; many judges have found a way to legislate well beyond their jurisdiction by simply issuing a national injunction. It is a way to try to control government policy by the judges, not for legal reasons, but for political motivations.

What that means is that the whacky, left-wing lower court judges of the Ninth Circuit, which stretches from the Arctic Circle to the equator, can control the entire nation. Thus, fellow liberal travelers bring their lawsuits most often in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Left-wing activists know that if they can persuade even a single judge there, they can impact the policy goals of the Trump administration across the entire country.

In Hawaii v. Trump, the case on the administration’s travel ban, Judge Derrick Watson, a district court judge in the Ninth Circuit, issued two nationwide injunctions preventing the administration from enforcing the president’s lawful executive order. The first injunction was partially struck down by the Supreme Court and the second was struck down completely.

In Sierra Club v. Trump, Judge Jon Tigar, another district court judge in the Ninth

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