Rent struggles continue for Minnesota tenants, landlords

“Unfortunately, your mortgage payments, your insurance, your taxes don’t go away,” she said.

Of the family’s combined 19 rental units, 10 occupants are behind on rent payments, with six making partial payments in an effort to maintain their housing.

The remaining tenants have applied to receive rent support through the state’s federally funded RentHelp program, but only one back-rent payment has been received.

“It hinders being able to update the properties,” Hall said, noting thousands of dollars in unpaid rental income are logged each week.

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One of the family’s apartments suffered water damage before a tenant eventually moved out. It now sits vacant with $20,000 invested in repairs, but more work is needed to make the one-bedroom unit inhabitable.

“It’s, for the most part, repaired,” Hall said. “The bathroom is kind of in limbo right now.”

The Hall family’s circumstances are not unique.

Payments continue

Statewide, 49,602 applications for COVID-19 rental assistance have been submitted, with 30% of requested payments sent.

Another quarter of the applications have been approved, but checks and deposits

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