Remember Rubik's Cube? This 11-year-old solves in seconds

For those of us who spent way too much time in the 1980s trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, we present … Zach Munding.

The 11-year-old fifth-grader at St. Joseph Catholic School is proof we were born at least 40 years too soon.

Yep, those darned 3-D puzzles are still a thing, bigger and faster and more diverse than ever.

Even with a camera trained on him after school the other day and a local newspaperman watching his every move alongside his mom and seventh-grade sister, Munding solved the cube three times, each in under 45 seconds.

That’s about his average these days, 40 to 50 seconds.

“If I’m not turning right, maybe a minute,” he said humbly.

When he is turning right, and even when he’s not, Munding’s hands move with sure-fingered flicks. It’s far cry from the clunky beginner’s thumb-and-finger grasp and turn.

Eyes cast downward, shoulders and jaw relaxed, right wrist a whirling dervish, Munding alternately bit his lower lip and licked the upper one.

The puzzle solved, solid colors on all six sides, he plopped the cube on the table

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