Rejecting Waves of Illegal Immigrants Is Not Racism, It’s Common Sense

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis airlifted 50 Venezuelan illegals to the exclusive island paradise of Martha’s Vineyard. A conservative guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight accused the residents of Martha’s Vineyard of racism on the grounds that they don’t want a group of 50 “brown people” in their community. “If this had been 50 white Ukrainians,” said Spectator USA columnist Chadwick Moore, “they would have thrown together a parade. They’re fundamentally racist.”

“They don’t want people who don’t look like them in the middle of their vacation homes,” Moore said. “Can you imagine the optics if they put 50 Ukrainians over to a military base? But they don’t care if they’re doing it to the brown people from Venezuela. It reveals exactly who they are.”

Is Moore correct? When you reject an influx of illegal immigrants into your community, does that automatically make you a racist? I usually agree with Moore’s views, but in this instance he has missed the mark. When a community rejects the sudden, unapproved invasion by large numbers of illegals, it has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with the consequences of forcing a city or town to accept immigrants when there is no existing infrastructure for supporting and

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