Regier won’t bring draft resolution on Native American reservations

Kekek Jason Stark, assistant professor of law at the University of Montana and co-director of the Indian Law Program, said a past draft joint resolution requested by Sen. Keith Regier, R-Kalispell, in the state Legislature would have threatened tribal sovereignty and break long-standing treaties between tribes and the federal government. On Monday Sen. Regier decided not to introduce the draft joint resolution to the Legislature.

Republican Sen. Keith Regier on Monday said he will not introduce a joint draft resolution that urged Congress “to investigate alternatives to the American Indian reservation system.”

Regier said in every legislative session, there are bills or resolutions that he drafts and decides not to introduce. Regier is a veteran lawmaker who has served in the state Senate since 2017 and spent four terms in the House before that. He told The Associated Press that the resolution was written by Mark Agather, a retired businessman who is involved in conservative politics in Kalispell near the Flathead Reservation.

“I’ve decided not to introduce this (draft resolution) after further discussions with my constituents who requested it, and I also had a productive conversation with Sen. Shane Morigeau about it,” Regier told Lee Montana newspapers on Monday.

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