Recycling center in Missoula closes public drop-off

The Republic Services recycling center at 3207 W. Broadway has closed its public drop-off services without much in the way of explanation.

The company installed concrete barriers at its public entrances recently.

“The recycling drop-off area is experiencing a temporary operational closure,” the company said in a statement. “We apologize for the inconvenience and will inform the community as soon as it is ready to reopen.”

A Republic Services garbage truck enters the company’s landfill in Missoula.

TOM BAUER, Missoulian

Republic Services also owns and operates the landfill in Missoula County and operates a waste hauling service here. The company is headquartered in Arizona and has operations all over the United States.

Republic Services recently announced that it had opened a new plastic recycling facility, called the Polymer Recycling Center, in Las Vegas. In a news release, the company said that Missoula residents will soon be able to throw their plastic recyclables into a Republic Services bin at their home or business, and the plastic will be shipped to Las Vegas to be turned into “sustainable plastic packaging” materials.

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