Record-Setting Transgender Swimmer Bested in Meet by Another Transgender Swimmer

(alessandro0770/iStock/Getty Images)

Lia Thomas, the transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer who has set women’s swimming records this season after previously competing as a male, was defeated in two events on Saturday — by another transgender athlete.

Earlier this season, Thomas set pool, program, and meet records, 38 seconds ahead of the next-closest female Penn swimmer in one event.

On Saturday, though, Thomas fell short in two races; one in which Thomas placed fifth and Iszac Henig — another transgender athlete who is presently making the transition from female to male — came in first, and then once again in a relay in which Henig bested Thomas by over a second.

Henig has not yet begun taking hormones, but has undergone a mastectomy. Both Thomas and Henig are permitted to compete in the women’s division under current National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules.

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