Rebekah Jones’s Lies about Florida COVID Data Keep Piling Up

Rebekah Jones during an interview with CBSN in 2020 (Screengrab via YouTube) Unfortunately, other publications keep falling for them.

One of the most persistent falsehoods of the COVID pandemic has been the claim that Florida has been “hiding” data. This idea has been advanced primarily by Rebekah Jones, a former Florida Department of Health employee, who, having at first expressed only some modest political disagreements with the way in which Florida responded to COVID, has over time become a fountain of misinformation.

Jones’s claims about Florida’s data have been wildly inconsistent, repeatedly self-contradictory, and, at times, nothing short of technically impossible. Indeed, at this late stage in the proceedings, it is easier to point to the allegations that have not been assiduously debunked than at the ones that have. But there is one claim that, while utterly meritless, has remained persistent: that Rebekah Jones was asked to “hide” data on her dashboard, and, in turn, that this request demonstrates that her claims of conspiracy are correct. This piece will debunk that falsehood from start to finish.

Last week, the Miami Herald published an embarrassingly self-serving piece that sought to resuscitate Jones’s reputation. At the

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