Real Food Market & Deli – where a healthy body, mind and planet matter

Photo provided by Real Food Market & Deli

Our planet, our health – two entities so intertwined that one cannot be healthily sustained without the other.

For Laughing Water, co-founder of Real Food Market & Deli in Helena, health just boils down to “real food, really local.”

It’s that simple.

“The power of real food extends beyond our immediate community to the community of living things. For food to do its magic, it takes a clean environment, exercise and rest, along with a sense of purpose and loving connections with people and other living things,” he said.

“We must care for this Earth as if our lives depend on it. Through organic, regenerative agriculture, we can help heal the Earth and its people.”

The independent store, which Laughing Water opened in 1975, features plant-based, organic and local products. The store composts and uses recyclable deli containers. Local foods are sourced from dozens of Montana suppliers, including organic foods from small growers in the Helena area. Real Food has long been one of the rare natural food stores to be a certified organic food handler. The fresh

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