Raven’s Feather presents the award-winning dramedy ‘The Realistic Joneses’

Marga Lincoln for the Independent Record

It’s sort of like conversation fragments.

And sort of like folks giving their own banal, parallel mini soliloquies.

And, then voila, in the midst of the everyday word clutter, there’s a jolt of insight – for a lightning split second.

Meet “The Realistic Joneses.”

The two Joneses couples live in suburbia-anywhere-in-the-Mountain-West.

They could look a lot like your neighbors.

Hm, or maybe even yourself?

Check them out in the award-winning play by Will Eno opening 7:30 p.m. May 4-May 7 and May 11-13 at Helena Avenue Theatre, in a production by Helena’s newest theater company, Raven’s Feather Productions.

The play opens when the new neighbors, John and Pony Jones (Allan Miller and Kelly Clavin-Keim) just happen to be bumping into trash cans in the alley behind Bob and Jennifer Joneses’ yard, where that couple (played by Mike Casey and Elaine Spino) is having an awkward nonconversation.

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“The Realistic Joneses”

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Soon, it’s all four of them having an awkward nonconversation, with Pony

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