Rapper’s Belated Walk Of Fame Star Reveals How Thug Culture Has Finally Won In America

Tupac Shakur, the Los Angeles rap artist who was murdered in 1996, finally received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this month.

It is the overdue acknowledgement that the glorification of violence, bitches, money, and drugs that originated in rap music really has won the day in American society. It is no longer confined to rap culture, but dominates all of the broader popular culture that we all consume everyday.

Tupac remains one of the best-selling rappers of all time, and is widely considered one of the most influential artists in the genre today. He shot to stardom after the release of his first album “2Pacalypse Now” which, as the son of a Black Panther radical, dealt with themes of black identity and police brutality that are ubiquitous in media today. Lyrics from the song “Trapped” read, “Tired of being trapped in this vicious cycle; If one more cop harasses me, I just might go psycho,” and reflect his view on the black experience. (RELATED: Tupac Shakur Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame)

Tupac Shakur receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ⭐️https://t.co/52WCdDsvQr pic.twitter.com/qTntTIzbmf

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) June 7, 2023

The lyric implies that an

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