Ramsay residents trying to halt truck stop construction but work underway


A group of Ramsay residents is trying to get construction of a sprawling Love’s truck stop halted pending an appeal before the Butte-Silver Bow Zoning Board, but major excavation work is underway at the site seven miles west of Butte.

Residents in the tiny community have been fighting the project for years but have lost several rounds so far, and when Butte-Silver Bow recently issued building permits, contractors on bulldozers and backhoes went to work.

Ramsay residents were told two years ago they could appeal decisions on the permits to the Butte-Silver Bow Zoning Board once they were made, and though they did so within days, construction had already started.

The residents, through attorneys, sought a stay on the permits from the county and when that was rejected, asked the courts to intervene. State District Judge Robert Whelan in Butte has set a Thursday hearing on the legal request.

The Zoning Board will also consider the residents’ zoning claims sometime this month, but despite those pending matters, work on the project is underway. Ramsay resident Jim Ayres believes Love’s purposefully jumped the gun and the county has allowed it.

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