Rally for Montana Pastor Wed Night, “Let's Go Brandon”

The “Let’s Go Brandon” rally for Missoula- area Pastor Brandon Huber is taking place Wednesday night. Plus, the Missoula Organization of Realtors has now issued a formal statement regarding his case. (That news update is further below)

For those who missed the story, the free speech rights and the Christian beliefs of Missoula-area Pastor Brandon Huber are under attack. Now, locals are planning a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally to stand up for Pastor Brandon.

I spoke with Pastor Brandon’s lawyer Matthew Monforton. The pastor also works part time as a realtor in Missoula, and is being targeted for his Christian beliefs by the Missoula Organization of Realtors.

Monforton says the issue comes down to a simple question- “Is the Bible hate speech? Because that’s what the Missoula realtors are alleging.” Monforton continued:

As your listeners may know the National Association of REALTORS recently enacted a hate speech provision that applies to all realtors, and it applies 24/7 not just when they’re doing the job.

So what exactly was it that the complaint against Huber alleges was “hate speech?”

The ‘hate speech’ was a letter that Pastor Brandon distributed to his congregation explaining his actions. He basically said, look, we’ve been partners with the Missoula Food Bank. They want to distribute

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