Rachel Campos-Duffy: Cuban, Venezuelan Catholics feel betrayed by Pope Francis. Here's why

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If you spend time with Cuban and Venezuelan Catholics, you will hear about the pain inflicted on them by the man who is supposed to be their shepherd: Pope Francis. The heartache and betrayal felt by faithful Catholics, many of whom risked or continue to risk their livelihoods and their lives to practice and hold on to their faith and Christian traditions, is the reason so many freedom-loving Catholics have dubbed the Argentine pope, “Papa Che,” after the iconic communist murderer, Che Guevara

It was more than a week after protests spontaneously erupted across the island of Cuba before “Papa Che” said a word about the courageous demonstrators. 

Following a brutal crackdown of these freedom protests, heartbreaking video and images emerged of teenagers being dragged from their home in front of their crying parents and faced with the impossibly cruel choice of joining the military to fight against their families and their own liberation or be sent to the gulags. While brave Cubans were being rounded up by the government’s merciless secret police, Pope Francis found time to make a statement about racism and the Soccer World Cup, but not a word about the

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