Queen City Ballet's 20th anniversary 'Nutcracker' production opens Saturday

Tyler Manning

Queen City Ballet will reach a new milestone this Saturday as its 20th anniversary production of “The Nutcracker” hits the stage.

Artistic Director and studio founder Campbell Midgley said she really doesn’t remember what she was thinking when she first produced the holiday classic in 2001, but she certainly didn’t expect to still be doing it 20 years later.

“The success of Queen City Ballet really grew beyond my wildest expectations,” Midgley said. “I actually danced in ‘The Nutcracker’ in 1981. I’ve been doing this for a really long time. Time really flies.”

This year’s production features guest artists Christopher Bornet, Tim Ranf and Sasha Shkurigin. Midgley said the heart and soul of the production rests with the Queen City Ballet community members. This year the Nutcracker Prince will be played by Kaden Pfister, and Sam Stutz will take on several roles including the Mouse King and Soldier Doll.

The two male company members are joined by several young women who will round out the majority of the remaining major roles in the cast. These young women include Elinor Goehring, Lizzie Johnson, Kaitlyn Ruch, Katya Shkurigin and Brooke Woodmansey. Each of them are playing at least four roles in

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