QUAY: There Are Too Many People Running For President. Here’s How To Fix It

There are way too many people running for president. 

It’s obvious to everyone with a semi-functional frontal lobe that either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis will be the Republican nominee. I suppose it’s even possible a series of highly unlikely events could land Nikki Haley or Mike Pence at the top of the November ticket.

But why is Francis Suarez running? How does Doug Burgum think his odds look? Does Rick Scott think we need a fourth Floridian in the race? Can Asa Hutchinson read a poll? And who the hell is Will Hurd?

It’s not that they’re all bad candidates. I like a lot of what Vivek Ramaswamy says. But he’s not going to be president. We all know it, and I’m sure he knows it, too. (RELATED: QUAY: Nikki Haley Can’t Win The GOP Primary. So Why’s She Running?)

It’s frankly cringe-inducing to watch grown adults soak up applause and donor cash for explaining how they’d do a job they’ll never get to do. We might as well give a CNN town hall to a kid in a Burger King crown who has big plans for how he’ll rule Narnia. He has the same chance of pulling it off

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