Q&A with UND defenseman Tyler Kleven

Q. This weekend will mark your team’s first road game of the season. You’ll be on the road a lot this month (Quinnipiac and Nashville follow). How do you feel about that?

A. I’m excited to spend a lot more time with the guys. I think we get closer on road trips, being with each other so much. It will be a good starter road trip, only a two-hour drive. I’ve been there, too. I know what it’s going to be like. Everyone is excited to play.

Q. You’re getting an opportunity on the power play this season. How is that going?

A. It’s been good so far. I’ve been creating some chances so far — a couple good shots on net where it has been a Grade-A chance of going in. I think if I can keep doing that, I can hopefully produce for my team. That’s the main thing.

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Q. I know you weren’t a regular on the power play as a freshman last season or with the U.S. Under-18 Team. When is the last time

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