Putin says U.S.-Russia relations “getting worse and worse” under Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin says relations between his country and the U.S. “are getting worse and worse” under President Trump. In a Russian TV interview, Putin focused on the sanctions slapped on Russia by the U.S., but made no mention of Russia’s interference in American elections.

“Our relations with the United States, they are going downhill, they are getting worse and worse,” Putin said in an interview Thursday with Mir TV. “The current administration has approved, in my opinion, several dozen decisions on sanctions against Russia in recent years.”

The Russia president said he hoped “common sense will prevail in the end,” noting that Kremlin officials will meet with “the partners from the United States” at the upcoming G20 summit in Japan. President Trump has said he intends to meet with Putin at the summit, though the Kremlin has not confirmed that.

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“I think it is inevitable that we will restore our relations, after all it is inevitable,” Putin said. “This situation between the two parts of one nation….between the two brother-nations cannot last, regardless of our relations with the political elite of the past.”

The Trump administration has hit Russia hard

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