Pull the Thread …

The myriad apparati of the Left – blue state governments, broadcast, print and social media and academia – have exercised suffocating control over America and Americans for the past two years. Their unprecedented power grabs have been facilitated by massive propaganda campaigns and deliberate deceit, the reckless promotion of fear, and deprivation of fundamental rights. 

But their stranglehold on the country is finally loosening,

You can certainly feel it. You can practically see it. It’s like a watching cracks form in a massive sea of ice, or tugging on the thread of a knitted piece of fabric to make the whole thing unravel. It’s not quite describable as a house of cards collapsing – yet – but it’s oh, so close.

So many metaphors, so little time.

The most recent examples are related to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the template we’ve seen play out with the virus and vaccines has been employed more times, and in other circumstances, with a brazen frequency that’s frankly astonishing.

As I wrote last week, the national narrative on the COVID-19 virus – as well as the “vaccines” purportedly developed to ameliorate the virus’ impact on the population – has changed dramatically within the past three weeks. We’ve

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