PUCKETT: Biden’s Disastrous Agenda Is The Real Emergency, Not The Climate

President Joe Biden may jump the (climate change-displaced) shark soon by formally declaring a “climate emergency” to advance energy policy goals. While it’s not yet official, his consideration of doing so, and the urging of prominent legislators, is cause for concern.

Emergency powers are designed for events like terrorist attacks, epidemics and natural disasters. They aren’t intended to address persistent problems, even those as constant as the Biden administration’s inability to get major energy legislation through Congress. (RELATED: DEL VILLAR: America Needs To Unplug From The Biden Admin’s Climate Fantasy)

The reason for the president’s impatience is obvious: Sen. Joe Manchin sank his Build Back Better energy policies — again. Manchin wants inflation to fall before renewable energy subsidies rise.

That may be frustrating for Biden, but it’s no reason to declare an emergency — that is, unless you’re declaring one over the state of the Democratic Party.

Declaring a climate emergency to unlock typically off-limits executive power would be extreme, but it would simply be the latest iteration of the Biden administration’s increasingly misguided clean energy policies.

The administration’s recent invoking of wartime powers in the Defense Production Act (DPA) to subsidize production of materials needed for clean energy technologies is

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